The Disease of Dark Skin

By Uswa Ahmed, BA World Philosophies Being a South Asian woman on the darker side of the spectrum, you tread on very dangerous waters. Our community appears to be plagued by a disease of self-hate hightentend by a strange fact. The sufferer is unaware of their sickness. For those unfamiliar with this problem, skin whitening […]

The Lady Dandies of the DRC come to SOAS: An Exhibition Review

By Khadija Kothia, BA History On the first floor of the Brunei Gallery, The Lady Dandies of the DRC have come to SOAS.Dressed in flamboyant and vibrant glory, the ladies stride confidently, overwhelming the canvassed frames they’re enclosed within. This is very much central to the story of ‘The Lady Dandies.’ Initially beginning as a male-dominated […]

Students and Staff walkout in protest of proposals to reshape student support

By Ali Mitib, BA Law and Politics. On the 24th November, hundreds of students and staff walked out of SOAS en masse in protest of changes proposed by SOAS Senior Management to reshape administration departments to achieve the aim of improving the student experience by creating the ‘One Professional Service.’ Representatives from the Students’ Union, […]

SOAS Budget Deficit: Alternative financing and restructuring

By Arooj Sultan, BA Economics and Politics and Hannah Somerville, MA Arabic Literature There are currently five principles that form SOAS’ financial strategy and therefore mould the school’s corporate objectives, and the way in which those objectives are achieved. A reading of those principles makes it clear that the university’s primary objective is to move […]

University rows back on attendance policy after backlash

By Hannah Somerville, MA Arabic Literature A ‘draconian’ attendance policy for PhD students on Tier 4 visas has been put on ice by SOAS after being roundly criticised by the Students’ Union. On Tuesday, November 14 international students received an email of a new policy requiring students to check in with the Doctoral School in person […]

U.N. Secretary General, António Guterres, visits SOAS

The 16th November marked the visit of the ninth Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres. It was a remarkable day for SOASians, students and teachers alike. Guterres was appointed as the Secretary General of the United Nations in January this year. His relationship with the UN has been a long and substantial one, […]