‘Philosophy’ without Religion is a Eurocentric Construct.

If we truly want to decolonise it, we will also have to desecularise it. Esmé Partridge (BA Religion, Culture and Society) In the past decade, we have seen a handful of universities gradually begin to broaden the scope of their Eurocentric Philosophy curriculums. Modules on Buddhist Metaphysics or Confucian Ethics are, at long last, beginning […]

Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanction and Debate

For, Anonymous Seventy years, three wars, two peace accords, countless ceasefires and casualties later, little has changed for the Palestinian people. Through continuous violence, compromise and half-hearted plurality, Israeli land grabbing and humanitarian violations seem to be the only constants. Amid the graveyard of failed policies and crippled resolutions, a grassroots movement has emerged as […]