Lawsuit Launched Against President Donald Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

Noor Mandviwalla, LLB On 15 February, Donald Trump took his stance on the ‘build a wall’ campaign to an extreme by declaring a national emergency under the National Emergencies Act of 1976. Additionally, through an Executive Order, the Trump Administration announced that $6.7 billion, in addition to federal funding, was set to be allocated for […]

The Dignity of Having a Job? Head of Oxfam Points to a New Way of Thinking About Employment.

Jacob Loose, MA International Studies and Diplomacy The viral clip from Davos 2019 featured members of a panel talking about tax evasion. The panellists pointed out the hypocrisy of aiming to end inequality but not being willing to talk about those dodging their taxes. It is certainly powerful to hear tax evasion being discussed in […]

Film Review: Black Sheep

Sumayyah Daisy Lane, BA History The Guardian commissioned documentary “Black Sheep” follows the story of Cornelius Walker, a boy whose entire life changed with one of the UK’s most high-profile deaths in 2000 — Damilola Taylor. The same age as Taylor, Cornelius lived a stone’s throw from the victim and is also of Nigerian descent. […]

Film Review: If Beale Street Could Talk

Ines Rodier, BA Development Studies and Politics After seeing this movie, I first felt frustration and dissatisfaction. I had just seen another remake of Romeo and Juliet, with the two heroes being in love and the world trying to separate them. The rare dialogues and the abundant visual shots did not appeal to me so […]

UNISON Commits to Strike Action in the Case of Compulsory Redundancies

Yasmin Elsouda, BA International Relations Once again the possibility of strike action, as a result of One Professional Services (OPS) restructuring, emerges. On 11 February, the SOAS branch of UNISON published the results of its consultative Ballot on strike action “in the event of compulsory redundancies resulting from the One Professional Service Restructure process”. With […]

SOAS Ranks First in ‘Extreme Events & Speakers League Table’; Third Year in a Row

Sabrina Shah, BA International Relations In January, the Henry Jackson Society Student Rights Project published their annual report on “Extreme Events and Speakers” taking place on university campuses. For the third consecutive year, SOAS has been ranked first. According to the report, SOAS hosted “42 events” with either “extreme” views or with “extreme” speakers. This […]