SOAS Ranks First in ‘Extreme Events & Speakers League Table’; Third Year in a Row

Sabrina Shah, BA International Relations In January, the Henry Jackson Society Student Rights Project published their annual report on “Extreme Events and Speakers” taking place on university campuses. For the third consecutive year, SOAS has been ranked first. According to the report, SOAS hosted “42 events” with either “extreme” views or with “extreme” speakers. This […]

TOP 4 Biggest Student Union Election Controversies

Amaani Master, BA International Relations (Full list is available to watch via our website and YouTube channel) 2015 Co-President for Activities and Events Disqualification One of the candidates (Juned Khan) running for this position overspent on the £30 allowance. He had submitted a receipt for £15 for large number of photocopies, which turns out couldn’t […]

Shamima Begum: Victim or Threat?

Zahra Banday, BA English In February 2015, fifteen year olds Amira Abase, Kadiza Sultana and Shamima Begum left their homes in Bethnal Green to fly to Syria and join ISIS. Out of the Bethnal Green Trio, as they became known, Begum is the only one known to be alive, the others were reportedly killed in […]

There’s an Important Conversation to be Had About Decolonizing the Curriculum. Shame the BBC isn’t Willing to Have it.

Kitty Walsh, BA History and World Philosophies “Ideological propaganda”. Apparently, that’s all the movement to decolonize the curriculum really amounts to, or so says journalist Melanie Phillips in her column for The Times. That or “Marxist gibberish”, that is itself “sinister and wrong”. But on what basis exactly? Well, on a recent episode of BBC […]

Two Worlds Inside One

Shah Mohammad Abdul Basit, BA International Relations and Economics There are a lot of works that have been devoted to searching for the recipe of making a revolution. From Marx to Trotsky, Lenin and beyond — everyone wants to know, how to tame this wild, unpredictable beast. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 fit all of […]