Communist Pub Crawl Through London

Harry Wise, BA Politics During the 1970s, when the trade unions were considered more powerful than the government, union leaders, such as Jack Jones, would often pop round to 10 Downing Street for ‘beer and sandwiches’ to thrash out a new deal with the government of the day. Beer has always been a favourite for […]

A Radical Story

An interview with Jack Shenker on the topic of his first book, ‘The Egyptians: A Radical Story,’ published by Allen Lane / Penguin in January 2016, the Egyptian revolution, and journalism. Atika Dawood, BA Arabic and Linguistics Atika Dawood: I’ll start with a cliché, were you always interested in journalism? Jack Shenker: “When I was […]

Kids With Toy Guns

Maddy Ridgley, BA International Relations When I was 14 I was part of a small group from my high school that went on a weeklong ‘Army Insight Course’ in Oakhampton. We were promised a week of high ropes, obstacle courses, paintballing, meeting soldiers and generally running around and having a laugh – and it was […]

We Can Prevent HIV: Only the Stigma is Stopping Us

Florence Goddard, BA Politics There’s still a strongly held belief that those living with the virus in some way ‘deserve it’ for their carelessness, stupidity or immoral behaviour. Even amongst my relatively enlightened peers at SOAS, jokes or comments about ‘catching AIDS’ or ‘people with AIDS’ are fairly common. Yet when I ask my friends […]