Rolling Back the War on Drugs

11 months ago Atika Dawood 0
Harry Wise, BA Politics Let me start with a confession: I’ve taken drugs. “Ooh! How could you?” scream the anti-drugs czars! “Do you know the harm you are doing to your body? You could go crazy.” Interestingly, British police forces are starting to care a lot less about my drug habits. A recent FOI request Read More

Kids With Toy Guns

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Maddy Ridgley, BA International Relations When I was 14 I was part of a small group from my high school that went on a weeklong ‘Army Insight Course’ in Oakhampton. We were promised a week of high ropes, obstacle courses, paintballing, meeting soldiers and generally running around and having a laugh – and it was Read More

We Can Prevent HIV: Only the Stigma is Stopping Us

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Florence Goddard, BA Politics There’s still a strongly held belief that those living with the virus in some way ‘deserve it’ for their carelessness, stupidity or immoral behaviour. Even amongst my relatively enlightened peers at SOAS, jokes or comments about ‘catching AIDS’ or ‘people with AIDS’ are fairly common. Yet when I ask my friends Read More

Jordan: At A Crossroads With Climate Change

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Our friend in Amman takes a look at the intersectionality of climate change in Jordan. Ammanymous King Abdullah II of Jordan attended the recent COP 21 talks in Paris to continue his country’s preparations for climate change. His numerous photo opps with other world leaders will hopefully raise more general awareness about the issue in Read More

BDS Will Not Be Defeated By Anti-Boycott Measures

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish On the date of publication, it will be almost a year since the SOAS community passed a motion for the academic boycott of Israel. Part of the School’s historic support of the wider Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), the academic boycott motion won by 73% on the 27th Read More

Ostalgie: A Bad Case of Nostalgia

2 years ago Mel Plant 0
Harry Wise, BA Politics  In the third episode of the television series, Deutschland ’83, the East German Secret Service (HVA) is trying to access information stored on a floppy disk stolen from NATO. The disk contains a NATO security report regarding the viabilities of a nuclear attack. It’s extremely valuable information. However, they run into Read More