An Ode to The “Other”

By Khadija Kothia, BA History “You don’t sound American” “That’s because I’ve read”. … Recently, following an appearance on WGN Chicago, an American youngster by the name of Hoda Katebi hit the headlines. In what initially was meant to be an interview regarding her fashion vlog Joojoo Azad (which by the way is awesome!), the […]

The Cave: No company, no confusion, just creation

By Milhouse Storey, BA Arabic and History Since the dawn of humanity, great artists, thinkers and even prophets have undertaken periods of isolation, retreating to the Cave for contemplation and creation. The concept has not completely been abandoned, with writers or musicians of today purportedly disappearing into some luxury log cabin or remote lakeside villa, […]

Working Class students deserve financial support

By Zain Hussain, MSc Internatonal Politics Those of us who were at SOAS on the 2st February 2018 may remember Valerie Amos being heckled at by students. This was done in response to an email sent to the student body by Deborah Johnson, addressing concerns that many working class students were not being given the […]

‘I can, I will, and I shall stay alone’

By Ashutosh Nagada, MSc Asian Politics ‘I can, I will, and I shall stay alone’. These were my exact thoughts for last five years. London changed it all. To give a bit of my background, I am freshly turned 22-year-old who has never stayed away from his family before moving to London. The idea of […]

The ‘Civilised’ weigh in: Mary Beard’s Crocodile tears

By Uswa Ahmed, BA World Philosophies The famed Cambridge historian Mary Beard attempted to rationalise the alleged behaviour of Oxfam aid workers in Haiti after reports surfaced accusing Aid workers of sexual exploitation of women and children. Beard took to Twitter to explain that the alleged behaviour could not be ‘condoned’ but wondered ‘how hard […]