Expectations of a fresher

Jonny Morrison, BA Chinese  A trip to an Asian supermarket is always dangerous for me. However, a recent trip to four(!) has left me with a large box now brimming with spices (apparently, as a fresher, I will need amchoor powder), rice, lentils, two free and ambiguous-looking goodie bags, and many, many packets of instant […]

European results are a warning for Labour

Tom King, BA Politics As Labour strive to be in opposition for just one term, the party leadership has walked a tightrope between opposing unpopular cuts which have battered working class people and largely backing an ‘austerity-lite’ package to wipe out the deficit and run a budget surplus in a bid to win ‘economic credibility’. […]

Is freedom of speech selective?

SOAS has recently become a newsworthy subject due to a talk which preacher Haitham al-Haddad, PhD, gave here on the 17th of February. Al-Haddad spoke at SOAS on why ‘riba’ (interest) is prohibited in Islam, but he is also known to hold questionable views regarding FGM, domestic violence and homosexuality. CRISTIANA MOISESCU, BA Politics Preacher […]

Too many days in the week

After a relatively quiet January, this month sees the return of a myriad of commemorative days. But do such days really serve a purpose? JOELY THOMAS, BA Arabic and Politics As the new season’s creme eggs cast smug looks towards the discounted mince pies, I felt a twinge of sadness as my winter affair with […]