The End of Impartiality for Journalism?

Kay Lee, LLB (Law) The Impartiality in Journalism event hosted by the Commonwealth Journalists Association made clear that with rise of internet journalism, distinctions must start to be made between evidence-based journalism and the growing sector of “civilian” journalism.  Chaired by former BBC radio host Robin Lustig, the panel included noteworthy journalists such as former war […]

Putin’s arrogance will be his downfall

Yun Hin Choi, BA History and Politics The past several weeks have marked the international carnival where we’ve seen the world’s leaders gather for a number of lavish occasions, kicked off by the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in China and ended with the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia. The prime aims throughout the G20 meeting […]

Not just filling blank space

Miriam Hicklin, BA Arabic and Persian I have recently embarked upon a journey that has necessitated my being fearless in the face of judgement, throwing away my old inhibitions, and falling in love with Taylor Swift’s music. Blank Space is the killer track on the new album 1989 – mocking all those who have tried to […]

In Defence of the Fence

Kenneth Noronha, LLB (Law) Here’s a sweeping, potentially controversial, and wholly amusing statement:  people who exist on political extremes do so only because they have no sense of perspective. No, the Tories aren’t all trying to steal your welfare to build estates made of gilded peasant children. By the same virtue, the Greens aren’t all […]

‘We’ll keep demanding our cleaners are brought in-house’

Shadia Edwards-Dashti, Msc International Politics SOAS Justice for Cleaners (J4C) re-launched their campaign this year with a series of successful events over the past week. Over 40 students mobilised outside SOAS yesterday, for a protest against the exploitation of the cleaners, urging the SOAS management to directly hire and bring the cleaners ‘in house’. Speakers […]