Occupation of the Brunei Suite: A Sad and Hopeful Reality

Anonymous The SOAS Occupation is both a hopeful and sad reality, which we celebrate on its third week of existence this Tuesday 27th October 2015. Let us remember where our SOAS Community was at three weeks ago: Heads of Department had a document in their mailboxes outlining decisions made by Executive Board (i.e. Senior Management […]

A Third Intifada is None of Our Business

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish The last time bombs were falling on Gaza in their multitudes, I was living in Hebron – the biggest city in the West Bank and perhaps the least-touristed. Hebron, despite being associated with Abraham and thus an important city in Islamic, Jewish and Christian traditions, for the past twenty-five […]

An Indictment of the Course Cuts

  Nigel McCollum, MA South East Asian Studies with Thai Since the very sorry saga when Pro-Director Professor Rao ‘leaked’ the course cuts documents, we have seen the reputation of SOAS exposed in both the UK and Indian Press. While of course, each and every one of us make mistakes, I want to just add […]

Sexual Harassment and ‘Lad Culture’ at University

Florence Goddard, BA Politics Last month Business Secretary Sajid Javid wrote to UK universities, ordering an inquiry into reducing violence against women at universities, concerned that ‘lad culture’ is ruining women’s university experiences. According to Javid, the taskforce will ‘ensure that universities have a plan to stamp out violence against women and provide a safe environment for all their students.’ On […]

Pivotal Time for Justice for Cleaners

Ella Linskens, BA Arabic On the 8th of September, a strategy meeting took place for the Justice for Cleaners campaign. Student activists, members of the union, cleaners and those representing the cleaners met in order to mobilise and strategize as we head into the new academic year. The campaign itself has been running since 2008 and along the way many successes have […]

A Very European Ingratitude

Perhaps the greatest thing to come to surface since the idea of universal franchise is the idea of freedom of movement. The prospect that we are able to trade goods across borders, and both people and capital can permeate these boundaries without restriction benefits each any every citizen of this country. For every one of us who booked a holiday anywhere in […]