I have an Un-Cunning Plan

Scoring political points in an epic game of Grand Theft History. IMOGEN EDWARDS, BA History General Gove uses new cannon fodder. Source: http://www.painters-online.co.uk/Gallery/David-Roy-Mullins-General-Melchett/_ga62639_pg1  For most of the country, the centennial of the beginning of World War One is something that holds much trepidation, mainly because Cameron has declared it a “commemoration” similar to that of […]

The unlawful killing of Mark Duggan

The jury verdict deeming Mark Duggan’s death ‘lawful’ is indeed a perverse judgment. LADAN DIRIE, BA Politics Mark Duggan’s aunt Carole, speaking outside court: ‘No justice, no peace’. Source: The Guardian The death of Mark Duggan, killed at the hands of police in August 2011 in Tottenham, North London has been deemed lawful by a […]

CAR: How the West and its Media Laid the BRICS for Unrest

As we have also seen with mainstream media narratives of South Sudan in recent months, to entertain the gawping Western audience, African political struggles have to be, well, Westerns. JAMES APPLEBY, BA African Studies and Politics   A good depiction of François Hollande’s stance, but it is foolish to believe that China is now in Africa […]

What does ‘Equalities’ mean at SOAS?

Is our Students Union fit for purpose?        By Alia Osman SOAS students assume that we have an effective complaints system in place for students to use if we ever need it, as the Students’ Union (SU) has a reputation for being radical and at the forefront of political activism. So if a student […]