What can we learn from the rise of Syriza?

Sparsh Pandya, BA South Asian Studies The European political zeitgeist has undoubtedly been gripped by austerity. This is not an illogical phenomenon by any means – since the 2008 financial crisis, harsh austerity measures have been carried out by governments all over Europe. These measures have been facilitated by the ‘Troika’ – the International Monetary […]

Vote ‘yes’ to boycotting Israeli academic institutions

BDS Working Group   SOAS is buzzing with conversation about the academic boycott of Israel referendum, which is to be held on campus from 23-27 February. The referendum will be school-wide and will call on students, academics, and other staff members to vote in favour of boycotting Israeli academic institutions. The campaign aims to raise […]

Vote ‘no’ to boycotting Israeli academic institutions

Kay Lees, LLB Law The BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), calls for international support to help achieve its goals of boycotting Israeli academic institutions and academics in order to chastise Israeli treatment of Palestinians— from human rights violations to the marginalisation of academics and activists. Taking into account the conflicts over the past year and […]

Riding in the Fast Lane

Harriet Freeman, BSc, Economics Since the effusion of late 20th century consumer technology into our lifestyles, computers, mobiles and the internet have transformed the concept of ‘time’ as we knew it. Rather than lending us more of it however, we seem to be saying ‘why aren’t there more hours in the day!’ more than ever. […]

The End of Impartiality for Journalism?

Kay Lee, LLB (Law) The Impartiality in Journalism event hosted by the Commonwealth Journalists Association made clear that with rise of internet journalism, distinctions must start to be made between evidence-based journalism and the growing sector of “civilian” journalism.  Chaired by former BBC radio host Robin Lustig, the panel included noteworthy journalists such as former war […]

Putin’s arrogance will be his downfall

Yun Hin Choi, BA History and Politics The past several weeks have marked the international carnival where we’ve seen the world’s leaders gather for a number of lavish occasions, kicked off by the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in China and ended with the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia. The prime aims throughout the G20 meeting […]