SOAS’ New Director: BME Champion or Neo-Conservative?

Anonymous Many people have been commenting on the new SOAS director Valerie Amos and most news articles have showered her with praise. A lot of people have boarded the racial equality bandwagon uncritically, using the fact that she is a black woman to champion her prematurely. I am happy that our new director is a black woman. However, we must remain […]

SOAS’ New Director: Benefits of International Experience

Micheil Page, BA Development Studies and Geography ‘After almost 9 years of service, Professor Paul Webley is stepping down as Director of SOAS’: as a young fresher last year, I was definitely saddened. Only one year into my degree, my university was changing directors, and no one knew just how much this could affect the university as a whole. The […]

Corbyn’s Victory Exposes The Petulance of the Subversive Labour Right

  Joe Dunne, BA International Relation The roar audible from Labour Party HQ when Jeremy Corbyn was announced as the party’s 25th leader was typical of the reception with which the news has been greeted at the grass roots of the party across the country. Such a reaction invariably draws comparisons with the frosty reception […]

Is the president of Indonesia really listening to Napalm Death?

Jake Leyland, MSc Globalisation and Development What is the connection between the president of Indonesia and a grindcore band? Jake Leyland explains all. The Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, AKA Widodo, or ‘Jokowi’, is a refreshing figure in the political history of Indonesia. He is the first successful presidential candidate from outside the tight-knit political and […]

Obama wants to sort out Iraq in three years, without putting boots on the ground.

Kay Lee, LLB Law What makes the U.S. so sure this time? ISIS: clearly a threat and clearly barbaric, regardless of whether you identify with religion or believe God is as real as Middle Earth. The President has recently sought authorisation to fight the Islamic State on the grounds of “enduring offensive ground forces” and […]