We Can Prevent HIV: Only the Stigma is Stopping Us

Florence Goddard, BA Politics There’s still a strongly held belief that those living with the virus in some way ‘deserve it’ for their carelessness, stupidity or immoral behaviour. Even amongst my relatively enlightened peers at SOAS, jokes or comments about ‘catching AIDS’ or ‘people with AIDS’ are fairly common. Yet when I ask my friends […]

Ostalgie: A Bad Case of Nostalgia

Harry Wise, BA Politics  In the third episode of the television series, Deutschland ’83, the East German Secret Service (HVA) is trying to access information stored on a floppy disk stolen from NATO. The disk contains a NATO security report regarding the viabilities of a nuclear attack. It’s extremely valuable information. However, they run into […]

Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Sophia Moghal, BA History and Southeast Asian Studies Deciding to click on the following headline on a news site led me to discover Mango’s newest campaign. The title: “Kendall Jenner’s New Mango Campaign Shows A Side We’re Not Used To Seeing”. “Tribal Spirit”; is apparently the side we haven’t seen before and it features clothes that […]

Scrap Trident, Start Nuclear Disarmament

Joe Dunne, BA Politics How could I forget that quiet Which descended over a city of three hundred thousand? The calm How could I forget those pleas Of a dying wife and child Emitted through the whiteness of their eyes, Piercing our minds and souls – Sankichi Toge, August Sixth The above is an extract […]