Why I like Trump

Yes, I heard when you said, “Who is this idiot?” just after reading the headline. Well, I am a twenty-something postgraduate student who loves politics but has very little idea about American politics, and no idea whatsoever about state policies of America. This piece is not about Trump and his poolcies. I consider myself inept […]

Protests in the Islamic Republic: one take on a multifaceted issue

By Darya Maryam Sarrafan, BA Near and Middle Eastern Studies The most obvious by-product of the protests that have been taking place in the Islamic Republic of Iran is that suddenly, everyone is an authority on Iran. Out have come those who claim to be Iran analysts or Iran experts and yet I am still trying to work out exactly what happened there and […]

Racism happens at SOAS too

By Kushie Amin Racism has followed me throughout my life, and I no longer believe that I am just an ‘unlucky’ person who has simply seen the worst. I, like many others, consoled myself with the idea that racism only occurs in certain places by certain people. ‘Be careful in that area, it is majority white […]

What We Search For Online Reveals A Lot

By Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology I have often wondered why people are fascinated by computer screens when they are in public spaces. When a stranger, or a neighbour in your hostel, stands behind you to peer over your computer screen it is as though he has never seen a computer screen in his life! […]