Refugees, Passports and Paris

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish It only took three days to formulate an excuse for another Western air force to kill hundreds of Syrian civilians. But with Raqqa being the capital of the self-declared Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham, surely there’s no problem with bombing a bunch of militants. The French government, which […]

We Need To Talk About Modi

Sparsh Pandya, BA International Relations and South Asian Studies The past year and a half of Narendra Modi’s term as prime minister of India has marked a clear push towards neo-liberal economic policy and an attempt to establish India as a powerful global actor. Within the domestic sphere, welfare issues and communal tensions have only […]

Cameron Should Apologise for Slavery

Theo Clay, Msc Development Studies Earlier this month during his visit to Jamaica, David Cameron was called upon to apologise for Britain’s role in the atrocities of the transatlantic slave trade and to enter into a discussion with Caribbean leaders over how to make amends and heal this historic wound. Even before Cameron dismissed any […]

Eritrean Refugees Consigned to Oblivion

Awa Konate, BA Politics and African Studies Cities, hopes and lives are perishing. What one once called home has now been reduced to nothing but reminiscence, where hope thrived. Deprived of any prospects for a better future, one has been reduced to nothing but a mere refugee, and a little supply of hope is the […]

Lets Give Up On Political Promises

Joe Dunne, BA Politics Why bother? Why bother investing emotionally sacrosanct political trust in those whom we elect to represent us in Parliament, knowing full well that this trust will be filed into the metaphoric paper-shredder when it becomes strategically convenient for the politicians who sought our support and promised so much to gain it? […]

What Does It Mean to Be Transracial and Black?

Awa Konate, BA Poltiics and African Studies By now, most of us (if not all) have heard of Rachel Dolezal; an NAACP president and professor of African-American studies, and also a white woman who, for nearly a decade, pretended to be Black. Yes, people, you were bamboozled, and ultimately the response from Black communities was […]