Great ‘As Is’: A Review of SOAS Drama Society’s Winter Performance

Katherine Suzette Vizcaino, MSc Violence Conflict & Development “Rich is so terrified of the path to his death that he is constantly trying to push everyone away, while simultaneously being terrified of being alone.” The play ‘As Is’, written by William M. Hoffman, gives a view into the explosion of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the […]

The Pharaoh’s Last Hurrah: Saatchi Gallery Exhibition is Your Last Opportunity to See Tutankhamun Outside of Egypt.

Inès Rodier, BA Development Studies and Politics “The aim of the exhibition is then to replicate the unparalleled sensation of the discovery of the sacred place.” The Saatchi Gallery is currently hosting the ‘Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh’ exhibition, which runs from 2 November 2019 until 3 May 2020.  This exhibition, displaying the artefacts […]

When will white people stop appropriating black culture as ‘fun’ and ‘quirky’ hobbies?

Kai Jie Cai, MA Postcolonial Studies “Swing Patrol […] isn’t just an erasure of Black history it is an erasure of what London looks like today.” Swing dance emerged within the African American community alongside Jazz during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance era. Since the black body was excluded from the white material world, this free […]

‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Hypocrisy’: We Need to Start Questioning Hollywood’s Performative Politics

Rihab Attioui, MA Postcolonial Studies  “‘You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing of the real world’ applied to everyone in that room the night of the Golden Globes – including Ricky Gervais.” By now, you will have all heard about the melodramatically controversial opening monologue given at the 2020 […]