Humans of SOAS: Rani Perinparaja

Tell us about yourself. My given name is Mano-Rani il-ankkaren. It means Great Queen of Lanka. The stall is to raise money for Sri Lankan refugees. As a South Asian I’m one of every three people on the planet; I don’t feel like a minority. But at SOAS, even the nice people say, “I want […]

Why Decolonising our universities is important

By, Halimo Hussein, Co-President for Equality and Liberation   Decolonising the curriculum recently hit the headlines again with the uproar from right wing media in response to comments made by Lola Olufemi, the Women’s Officer at Cambridge Students Union. Lola was scrutinised because of a letter she put forward to academic staff calling for the […]

Relaunch of the SOAS Spirit

The SOAS Spirit is back!  The SOAS Spirit is your independent student-run newspaper which has had an on campus presence since 1936. The Spirit is picking up where we left off and holding those in positions of power accountable and producing content which students will find informative, thought provoking and entertaining. Head down to the […]

SOAS management announces an end to outsourcing by September 2018

By Ali Mitib (BA Law and Politics) On 4th August 2017, Paula Sanderson, the Registrar of SOAS, notified the Student Union that SOAS will ‘stop outsourcing its core support services to private contractors from September 2018’. In contrast to the previous plans of SOAS management to bring only the cleaners in-house by 2019, this announcement […]

Hamas and Fatah reconcile following decade long rift

By Ahmad Jamal Wattoo (BA Politics) After a decade-long rift, Hamas and Fatah announced their reconciliation in Cairo, Egypt on October 12th. This settlement between both Palestinian factions will likely play a large role in strengthening the Palestinians’ bargaining power vis-a-vis Israel. It has been agreed under the settlement that the Rafah Crossing to Egypt […]