Journeys to Independence: “Informative insight into 20th century India”

By Khadija Kothia (BA History) As India celebrates 70 years of Independence LSE’s exhibition Journeys to Independence: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh captures the pivotal moments that shaped the subcontinent during the 20th century. Upon entering I am instantly intrigued. It’s a modest-sized room but with an abundance of content: a glass cabinet containing archives, a live […]

The Chagossians’ right to return home

By Thea Busuttil (MSc Violence, Conflict and Justice) Decolonisation is not a thing of the past. The Golden Age of the British Empire has long been over but its remnants still linger. A few islands around the world are still British colonies, and in the Indian Ocean, somewhere under the Maldives and to the right of […]

The Most Friendless People in the World

By Arooj Sultan (BA Economic and Politics) Last Friday, in a report released by the United Nations Children’s Fund, it was stated that an estimated 340,000 Rohingya children are living in dismal, insalubrious conditions in Bangladeshi refugee camps, where they have little to no access to enough food, water, shelter and healthcare. The 600,000 Rohingya […]

‘Unethical Conduct’ in Alphawood Programme Continues

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Following allegations of unethical conduct made in February, a Freedom of Information request submitted by the SOAS Students’ Union and Dr. Angela Chiu has revealed that the allocation of Alphawood Foundation funds has continued in a secretive manner, jeopardising the academic careers of several students. In February, The SOAS […]

Student Group Responds to Lay Trustees’ Statement

A group of students have sent an open letter to The SOAS Spirit, in order to respond to the statement released by the Lay Trustees of SOAS on 22nd April 2016. They wish to remain anonymous, but would like to note their dissatisfaction at the lack of means for them to communicate with the rest […]

SOAS Accused of Unethical Handling of Private Funding

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish The SOAS Spirit has been approached with allegations that high level SOAS management figures have unethically managed the Alphawood Foundation funds, donated to the department in 2013. Dr. Angela Chiu, a research associate of the department and a member of SOAS’ South East Asian Studies centre, has revealed that […]