Cigarettes and Smiles

By Milhouse Storey, BA Arabic and History Steve – I’d walked by Steve because I didn’t have any cash on me, but stopped further down the street in a quiet place to wait for a friend and smoke a cigarette. It was dark and already cold, although it was only early evening. I saw Steve pick […]

Humans of SOAS: Stephen Chan

Professor, Martial Arts Master, Former Student Activist. Interviewer: Ali Mitib, BA Law and Politics   What is your background? I was born in New Zealand to refugee parents. Because of the war, New Zealand was a very poor country and there was also racial discrimination, including laws against Chinese people. I was the first born […]

Why I like Trump

Yes, I heard when you said, “Who is this idiot?” just after reading the headline. Well, I am a twenty-something postgraduate student who loves politics but has very little idea about American politics, and no idea whatsoever about state policies of America. This piece is not about Trump and his poolcies. I consider myself inept […]

Students and Staff walkout in protest of proposals to reshape student support

By Ali Mitib, BA Law and Politics. On the 24th November, hundreds of students and staff walked out of SOAS en masse in protest of changes proposed by SOAS Senior Management to reshape administration departments to achieve the aim of improving the student experience by creating the ‘One Professional Service.’ Representatives from the Students’ Union, […]

SOAS Budget Deficit: Alternative financing and restructuring

By Arooj Sultan, BA Economics and Politics and Hannah Somerville, MA Arabic Literature There are currently five principles that form SOAS’ financial strategy and therefore mould the school’s corporate objectives, and the way in which those objectives are achieved. A reading of those principles makes it clear that the university’s primary objective is to move […]