The Fifth Estate

The film adaptation of the WikiLeaks saga proves to be less thrilling than expected. By Peter Nygaard Christensen, BA Arabic and Politics There is potential for great films in the story of Julian Assange and his life’s work, WikiLeaks, but the continuing actuality of his work, as well as the unresolved ethical questions, demand a […]

Gravity @Ritzy Picturehouse

The SOAS Spirit goes to see ten-time Oscar-nominee Gravity, and we’re doing it in style, at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton. By Paloma Rao, LLB Law Located in Brixton, the Ritzy offers the perfect day trip – a cosy atmosphere, great food and affordable prices. There are 5 screening rooms with a large choice of […]

The Butler

‘The Butler’ is one of the most anticipated movies this year, with many hailing it as Oscar-worthy. It’s a story about race, identity and politics, one that the SOAS Spirit recommends. By Jagoda Sekular, MA in International Law Martin Luther King once said: “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in […]

The Counselor @Empire Cinema

Central London can be pretty gritty on a weekend night, but the combined experience of Empire and The Counselor take you to a new level of ‘yuck’ . We do not recommend! By Cristiana Moisescu, BA Politics This is the worst movie I have ever seen. To make matters worse, however, Empire Cinema is also […]

American Hustle @Olympic Studios

‘American Hustle’ is a roller-coaster of a movie; whether it’s also a pleasant ride, we’ll leave it up to you. Having watched in the elegant-cool cinema at Olympic Studios, the Spirit thoroughly enjoyed it. By Paloma Rao, LLB LAw Olympic Studios is modest in addressing its incredible and inspiring history. The intimate venue, offering two […]

12 Years A Slave

With the Oscars coming up soon, we take a look at all the Best Picture nominated movies, starting with ’12 Years A Slave’.  Seen as an Oscar-favourite, the movie raises important questions about the legacy of slavery in contemporary America and provokes us head-on. By Dorina Marlen Heller, BA Chinese and Social Anthropology   This […]