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Chinatown Jianbing Cart 0

Chinese London: A look beyond China Town

Carolynn Look, BA Chinese and Development Studies Chinese students, and even those SOASians who have spent a year in Beijing, often come back feeling deprived of a variety of joys. This issue’s column aims...

Buying fruit and veg from markets will help you keep to a budget 0

Cheap cheats for London living

Paloma Rao, LLB Once you’ve settled into your pricey flat and struggle to pay for light and heat, you’ll soon realise how important it is to try and budget effectively and save money wherever...

Five places to eat around London 0

Five places to eat around London

Lee Richardson, BA South Asian Studies Options for satisfying the basic urge to continue life through the consumption of food are many and varied in London. The task of watering down such a plethora...