Cigarettes and Smiles

By Milhouse Storey, BA Arabic and History Steve – I’d walked by Steve because I didn’t have any cash on me, but stopped further down the street in a quiet place to wait for a friend and smoke a cigarette. It was dark and already cold, although it was only early evening. I saw Steve pick […]

Humans of SOAS: Stephen Chan

Professor, Martial Arts Master, Former Student Activist. Interviewer: Ali Mitib, BA Law and Politics   What is your background? I was born in New Zealand to refugee parents. Because of the war, New Zealand was a very poor country and there was also racial discrimination, including laws against Chinese people. I was the first born […]

DO NOT READ – January

By Your existentially subversive sweetheart Right, okay. I met up with a high school friend recently (LSE, high-fly, business owner), who’s further down the right-spectrum than me. In talking to her I found a rather uncomfortable mirror. This is my letter to her. Listen in, if you like. We think we are the rational ones […]

Poetry is Peng – January

The Price. Up in the charging summer air, Down where the sunlight was drumming, They jumped into pure crystal lakes; They take to it, leaping and running. And I stood above, holding the sky, And said that’s the reason I couldn’t, Follow them into lake that’s so pure, That’s why I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t. By […]


By Ahmad Jamal Wattoo, BA Economics and Politics Pride, one of the seven deadly sins, was found in abundance in one particular man. He was reclining comfortably in the back seat of a black Range Rover, a rare sight in a village as destitute as Faridpur. His enormous belly bounced as the car sped past cigarettes […]