Ai Wei Wei at The Royal Academy of Art

Kajol Lally, BA History and Social Anthropology Ai Weiwei’s first major UK exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art is a thought provoking and intense display of the difficulty faced by many artists. Weiwei deals with challenging themes reflecting human rights, freedom of self-expression and a generation’s political struggle against the Chinese government. The show […]

An Interview with Kadija Sesay

Nikheel Gorolay, MA Intensive South Asian Studies N: I imagine Black History Month is keeping you very busy, but I’m interested in any shifts you’ve noticed in the public discourse surrounding Black History. Do you think it’s spurring ongoing conversations on Black culture throughout the year, or becoming a narrow window of focus where there’s […]

Twerk Talk

Alizeh Agnihotri, BA Development Studies Twerking is a dance form popularized through mass media and an act that went unnoticed in my daily life. I paid no attention to the repercussions it caused towards the African community. When I sat for the “Twerk Talk”, not only was I blown away by new perspectives, but I […]

Much Better than Wales: Mondulkiri

Racha Sobratee, BSc Economics Travel guides describe Mondulkiri as being similar to Wales, which is the reason why I contemplated canceling my grueling 18-hour flight to Eastern Cambodia and hopping on a Megabus instead. But boy am I glad I didn’t because Mondulkiri is nothing like Wales. Its capital, Sen Monorom, appears to be a […]