Poetry is Peng – October

衬衫 星期三上午的伦敦地铁 我眼前可以看到的男士 站着的坐着的对面车厢的 他们都穿着衬衫 大概这就是成年 日子就是打着领带的衬衫 和敞着第一颗扣子的衬衫 好也好,坏也好 生活不过是脱下一件衬衫 换上另一件衬衫 Shirts Wednesday morning, London Underground The men in my sight Standing, sitting or even in the next coach Are all wearing shirts This is probably what being an adult is like Time is just shirts with ties And shirts with the first button let […]

February Film Reviews

Je Suis Charlie: Controversies on Screen The Bertha Dochouse, resident at the Bloomsbury Curzon in The Brunswick, gave us the opportunity to review ‘Je Suis Charlie,’ a documentary looking at the events in Paris of January 2015. Lara El Kalamawy, BA Economics and Politics Directors Emmanuel Leconte and Daniel Leconte pay tribute to the victims […]

London Student Drama Festival Returns in March

Jordana Belaiche, BA Politics The London Student Drama Festival, a yearly celebration featuring devised performances of entirely student written pieces from London Universities, approaches its fourth year on 5th March 2016. The festival, which began as a conception devised by UCLU, is now prestigiously hosted by the Pleasance Theatre – one of the major venues […]

Communist Pub Crawl Through London

Harry Wise, BA Politics During the 1970s, when the trade unions were considered more powerful than the government, union leaders, such as Jack Jones, would often pop round to 10 Downing Street for ‘beer and sandwiches’ to thrash out a new deal with the government of the day. Beer has always been a favourite for […]