Documentary Screenings Reign in Bloomsbury

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Living in Dinwiddy last year, I walked to Russell Square everyday through a, I’m sure, familiar route to the readers of this paper. After a too-early morning walk through our local graveyard-turned-park, I would arrive onto the street adjacent to the Brunswick Centre. For the majority of the year, […]

London Through a Cultural Lens: Argentina

Luciano Figari, MSc Finance & Development and Carolynn Look, BA Chinese & Development Studies The relationship between Argentina and the UK has not always been an easy one. For Argentineans it is hard to forget the occupation of the Malvinas (also known as the Falkland Islands), an archipelago located at around 300 miles off the country’s coast […]

Lost in the South East: Welcome to Nunhead

Jonathan Galton, MA Social Anthropology Initially, all I knew about Nunhead was that it was somewhere in South East London and that it was a bedfellow to unlikely-sounding places like Brockley and Hither Green. Since I moved to Peckham a few months ago, however, Nunhead has leapt off the map and (almost) onto my doorstep […]

Neighbourhood Review: Kentish Town

Lucy Warden, MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies With its pastel coloured buildings, grand Victorian pubs and leafy streets, it certainly looks like a neater, better kempt version of Camden. Some could be seduced into thinking that Kentish Town is just another area of North London succumbed to gentrification. However despite its Victorian charm, Kentish […]

Wrong Side of the River: Canning Town

  Carolynn Look, BA Chinese & Development Studies An increasingly predictable conversation takes place each time I tell people where I live. Oh wow, Kennington? No no, it’s Canning Town. You know, just beyond Canary Wharf? At this point I receive either a judgemental look because ‘I’m one of those evil capitalists/kid with rich parents/not […]