ULU Sports and Societies could be axed

Members of ULU’s vibrant and unique societies are in the dark about how the closure of the union will affect them. Their funding has been slashed and the university has made no commitment to funding them next year. There is even the suggestion that sports equipment will be sold off to cover ULU’s debts. “We […]

Professor Paul Webley answers your criticisms about the ULU shutdown

SOAS Director Professor Paul Webley, chair of the review board which recommended shutting down ULU, has fond memories of the Union from his student days: “when I was an LSE student, LSE was very much a school of the University. I came to Senate House library, I went to ULU and all the rest because […]

ULU votes to boycott Remembrance Service

The University of London Union’s (ULU) Senate voted to boycott the University’s Remembrance Service at a meeting held last month. According to the motion, which passed with nine votes in favour and five abstentions, ULU officers could not attend the Remembrance Service to represent the Union, but were permitted to attend in a personal capacity. […]

SOAS loses out on research funding

SOAS will receive no funding for doctoral grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council from 2014, it has been revealed. The School is now understood to be looking to secure funding from elsewhere to be able to continue to support doctoral projects. A SOAS spokesperson said “SOAS is disappointed to have not received funding.” […]

Overseas students to be charged for healthcare

Overseas students will face even higher visa fees if proposals in the Government’s Immigration Bill go ahead. The new fees will come in the form of a ‘migrant levy’ designed to cover part of the cost of providing healthcare services to migrants from outside the EU. Temporary migrants, including students, are currently entitled to NHS […]

Students need space to solve pan-London issues

Why should we ‘Save ULU’? There’s been a lot of debate over the lastfew years about whether or not ULU is the beneficial to students within the University of London (UoL), and the report published earlier this year wasn’t the first to question it. The rationale behind closing it appears pretty convincing- individual unions are […]