Labour and Tory Conferences: A Summary

As Chancellor Philip Hammond calls to reinvent the image of capitalism within Britain, heated exchanges have persisted between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. One of the biggest highlights of the conference was Theresa May’s promise to finally end austerity after 8 years. She proclaimed that Britain’s citizens had ‘sacrificed’ enough and their hard […]

Chagos Islands: The Battle for Sovereignty ensues

For over half a century, the United Kingdom and Mauritius have heatedly debated the sovereignty of the Chagos Islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, about 500 kilometres south of Maldives, the Islands have been subject to severe encroachments on their sovereignty since 1965, when the UK and Mauritius made a provisional agreement confirming the detachment […]

News Made Easy: Brexit

The Story So Far 23 January 2013 – Former Prime Minister David Cameron expresses his support for an in/out referendum regarding the UK’s EU membership. 7 May 2015 – Cameron wins the general election with a manifesto promise to hold a referendum. 23 June 2016 – Referendum day. 51.9% vote leave and 48.1% vote remain. […]

SOAS Students Help Integrate Refugees Through Sport

Aidan Lonergan, BA History ‘Camden Cares’, a project created through the 3 Faith Forum’s ParliaMentors programme, was launched recently by five SOAS students. ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme which gives university students the unique opportunity to work with MPs to form projects for social action. With the support of both Westminster and leading […]

London Academics Extend Solidarity to Academics, Kurds Under Siege

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish This Friday, SOAS Students’ Union co-hosted an open meeting with the SOAS UCU and Unison branches, extending solidarity to Turkish and Kurdish academics in Turkey who have come under investigation for their ‘Academics for Peace‘ petition. The meeting comes a week after the Students’ Union released a statement in […]

Students of SOAS Commemorate Armenian-Turkish Journalist

Lara Şarlak, MA Anthropology of Media Yesterday, the death of Hrant Dink, an Armenian-Turkish journalist who was assassinated by a Turkish ultra-nationalist 9 years ago, was commemorated in front of the SOAS main building. SOAS students of Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish descent gathered in order to take a photograph in his memory, holding letters that […]