Rogue Drones Cause Chaos at London Airports

Frances Everett, BA International Relations and Development Studies In late December the appearance of drones on London Gatwick Airport’s runways halted flights and caused disruption for tens of thousands of people. The drones were spotted around 21:00 on 19 December and were flown around the airfield multiple times. The police are therefore describing the act […]

Vietnamese Children as Young as 12 Found Hidden in a Refrigerated Lorry

Sumayyah Daisy Lane, BA History Twenty-one migrants thought to be from Vietnam were found inside a refrigerated lorry entering the UK. The group included eleven children, some as young as twelve, and ten adults. The lorry, transporting crates of sparkling water which hid the group, was discovered at the port of Newhaven in Sussex. The […]

Department of Education Launches Proposal to Reduce Tuition Fees for Humanities and Social Sciences

Doulton Hall, BA Development Studies and Social Anthropology In February of this year, the UK’s Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, revealed new plans for universities to reduce tuition fees for humanities and social sciences to £6,500 instead of the £9,250 currently charged. Critics of the proposal have voiced fears concerning the enhancing of an already entrenched […]

Flagging of Left-wing Essay by Prevent Causes Academic Outcry

Frances Everett, BA International Relations and Development Studies News Editor of The SOAS Spirit Students at the University of Reading have been told to take “extreme precaution” when reading an assigned left-wing academic text after it was flagged as “sensitive material” under the Prevent programme. This flagging of a text, which is described by Waqas […]

National Union of Students Evaluating “Radical” Changes to Survive £3m Deficit

Jude Omidiran, BA Economics & Development News Editor of The SOAS Spirit The National Union of Students has confirmed that it is facing deep financial difficulties following the emergence of a leaked letter warning of a potential £3m deficit should their “income streams suffer as much as [they] predict”. A shortfall of this size cannot […]

News Made Easy: University Funding

By: Benjamin Jackson, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development   The Browne Review and 2012 changes Since tuition fees trebled in 2012, there has been much scrutiny on university funding, but less information – the majority of students are unsure on how universities are even funded. The Browne Review, published in 2010, laid out the coalition […]