Saqib Ali Rafiq

Hustings Interview What is your background? I’m did my undergrad at Kingston University, studying Creative Writing and English Language & Communication. I was also involved as an Aimhigher Associate, a scheme which helped secondary school students raise aspirations for higher education (Aimhigher is probably the biggest reason why I went to uni, really!). At SOAS, […]

Tareq Sydiq

Interview What is your background? I have been Student Rep for my course and I have been active politically with Amnesty International, environmentalist and anti-racist groups in Bonn, Germany. What are the two most pressing issues facing students on campus today? With tuitions extremely high, education at SOAS is in danger of becoming a business […]

Shadia Edwards-Dashti

Hustings Interview What is your background? I have been at SOAS for the last 5 years, so my background is SOAS! I have politically engaged at every level contesting the status quo, from challenging individuals and institutionalised inequality, to global issues, to academic issues. I am currently a National officer and National Student Representative for […]

Hannah Slydel

Hustings Interview What is your background? In my third year, I co-founded the ‘Agender’ society, for the last year, I have been Women’s Officer in the SU, a trustee to the Union, an NUS Women’s delegate, and have sat on the schools Equality and Diversity board and Public Sectors and Equalities board. In this time […]

Olimpia Burchiellaro

Hustings Interview What is your background? I’m Italian and I’m studying Anthropology and Politics. At SOAS I was captain of the Women’s Football Team, Secretary of the Italian Society, and have been involved with ADD and with the Student Reps. Before SOAS I was a rowdy teenager with too many ideas and too few tools […]

SOAS SU Election Nominations

The following people have been nominated for the corresponding SU positions: Co-President Activities & Events Amar Shabandar Marco Vita Ana-Luiza Zain Dada Co-President Democracy & Education Hannah Slydel Tareq Sydiq Olimpia Burchiellaro Saqib Ali Rafiq Shadia Edwards-Dashti Grace Mason Ahrar Abbasi Co-President Welfare & Campaigns Tom King Agnes Adebisi Olowogboye Academic Affairs Officer Matija Vlatkovic […]