Voices: the Catalan Referendum

Interviews conducted and edited by Indigo Lilburn-Quick (BA History and Politics) With Spain in turmoil after the Catalan referendum we asked 4 people invested in the situation their opinion. For information on what’s happening in Catalonia please see the article. The author would like to thank all those interviewed and note that each interview has […]

SOAS management announces end to outsourcing by September 2018

By Ali Mitib (BA Law and Politics) On 4th August 2017, Paula Sanderson, the Registrar of SOAS, notified the Student Union that SOAS will ‘stop outsourcing its core support services to private contractors from September 2018’. In contrast to the previous plans of SOAS management to bring only the cleaners in-house by 2019, this announcement […]

‘Warning shot’ over university deficit

By Hannah Somerville (MA Arabic Literature) Calls for clarity were issued last week as SOAS squares up to a deepening financial crisis. The university is facing a £4.7m projected deficit this year and its executive board has been tasked with finding at least £3m of savings between now and 2020, with fears raised that staff […]

Aung San Suu Kyi criticised over Rohingya crisis

By Lucy Beach (BA History) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has come under scrutiny in recent months from the international community over the violence of the army towards the Rohingya people of the Rakhine state in Myanmar. Ethnic tensions between the Buddhist majority and the Rohingya have always been taut, and violence […]

IMF states higher tax rates would not harm economic growth

By Tom Matsuda (BA International Relations and Japanese) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a report saying that higher tax rates would not necessarily harm economic growth rates in major economies. Moreover, the Washington-based international organisation has also stated that this would reduce the high levels of economic inequality seen across the globe. Although external […]

Hamas and Fatah reconcile following decade long rift

By Ahmad Jamal Wattoo (BA Politics) After a decade-long rift, Hamas and Fatah announced their reconciliation in Cairo, Egypt on October 12th. This settlement between both Palestinian factions will likely play a large role in strengthening the Palestinians’ bargaining power vis-a-vis Israel. It has been agreed under the settlement that the Rafah Crossing to Egypt […]