UGM Report – 13th October 2017

By Ali Mitib (BA Law and Politics) The first SOAS Union General Meeting (UGM) of the academic year took place on 13th October 2017. UGMs are meetings involving all members of the Students Union (SU), where members of the SOAS community are welcome to put forward, discuss, amend and pass motions that will become SU […]

U.S. withdraws from UNESCO due to ‘anti-Israel bias’

By Maya Alsughaiyer (BA Politics and World Philosophies) On October 12th, the U.S. State Department declared that the country will be withdrawing from UNESCO at the end of 2018 citing the organisations “continuing anti-Israel bias”. The announcement was followed by Israel’s decision to also quit the 72-year-old world heritage organisation which focuses on promoting international cooperation […]

Catalan Referendum: Everything You Need to Know

By Indigo Eve Lilburn-Quick (BA History and Politics) On October 1st, I sat with my flatmates in pure horror and disgust watching video after video of peaceful protesters getting assaulted by an armed police force in Barcelona. Right there and then, I was ready to get “Visca Catalunya” tattooed across my chest and go out into […]

SDF liberate Raqqa from ISIS control

By Ali Mitib (BA Law and Politics) On the 18th October, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) retook Raqqa Stadium, the last ISIS stronghold in the city. The liberation of the city marks the end of the Raqqa campaign, codenamed “Operation Wrath of Euphrates”. The SDF operation, which was supported by the International Coalition, lasted for […]

This Girl Can

  By Holly Sampson (BA Middle Eastern Studies and World Philosophies) ‘A kick right in the stereotypes’. ‘I can give mud mask a new meaning’. ‘Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox’. ‘My gameface has lipstick on it’. ‘Hot and not bothered’ These are just a few of the campaign slogans used by The National […]

86% say yes to a student-run ULU

By Phillipa Wilkinson

The results of the referendum on the future of ULU, released this week, show overwhelming support among students for a democratic union. Out of 4545 voters, 86% voted yes to the question, “Should ULU’s building, activities and campaigns continue to be run democratically by students?” with 12% voting no and 2% abstaining. SOAS students were even more positive; out of 394 voters, 97% voted yes. Read more about 86% say yes to a student-run ULU