Gower Street demonstrators demand fair health funding

Amid the winter crisis, “tens of thousands” of protesters descended upon Gower Street to demand more funds for the NHS. The #FixTheNHS march, which took place on Saturday 3rd February, was organised just months after an independent consortium reported that the English healthcare system would face a £26.2 billion shortfall by 2022. Organisers behind the […]

Charities Commission conducting Prevent inquiries into two student societies at SOAS

By Indigo Lilburn Quick, BA History and Politics It has come to light that the activities of two societies at SOAS, the Palestine and Islamic Society, were subject of an inquiry by the Charities Commission due to various concerns. However, it now seems that the Charities Commission suspected violation of the government policy, Prevent. The reasons cited […]

SOAS management pays consultants up to £13,000 a month

By Arooj Sultan, BA Economics and Politics An investigation by the SOAS Spirit reveals that SOAS senior management has hired three consultants at the start of the 2017/18 academic year to advise on the restructuring process. Investigations also reveal that these consultants receive large salaries for their services; one of the three consultants is believed to […]

Protests erupt throughout Iran

By Nayon Ahmed, BA Politics On 28th December 2017 protests in the city of Mashdad began; these protests soon spread rapidly across the country. Protesters have clashed with security forces, attacked government buildings and chanted scathing anti-government slogans. Officials supporting moderate President Rouhani have blamed those aligned with his rival, hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi for […]

8 year old raped and murdered in Kasur, Pakistan.

By Wardah Faiz, LLB Law Horror struck Pakistan on 9th January 2018 as eight year old girl Zainab Ansari was found dead in a rubbish pit after being raped. The incident happened while Zainab’s parents were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah (a minor Islamic pilgramage). During this time Zainab was under the care of her […]

Jerusalem under stormy skies: Trump’s unilateral decision on the Holy City’s status is shaking the world.

By Aloïs Aguettant, BA Politics and International Relations On the 6th of December of 2017, Donald Trump once again defied overwhelming global opposition by officially recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In a speech at the White House, the US president stated that he will deliver on his campaign promise by going forward with […]