Egyptian Feminist ‘Attacks’ SOAS Students on Twitter

2 years ago Mel Plant 0
Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Mona Eltahawy, a renowned but controversial Egyptian feminist figure, claimed on the 18th November that she had been denied the chance to speak at SOAS. Eltahawy’s tweet alleging that the ‘SOAS Student Union voted to not let me speak at invitation of some students,’ was quickly picked up Read More

Palestinian Society ‘Vigil for Martyrs’ Stirs Controversy

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Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish On the evening of November 10th, members of SOAS’ Palestine Society held an event on the SOAS steps, often home to protests, vigils and commemorations relating to global struggles. This event was entitled ‘Vigil for Palestinian Martyrs,’ and even before the vigil began it had attracted controversy online from Read More

Debut of Participatory Budgeting Scheme Funds Student Play and Calais Volunteers

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Ella Linskens, BA Arabic On the 12th of November, the first participatory budgeting meeting was held in the JCR. The participatory budgeting scheme sets aside £6,000 of the Student Union’s budget to be allocated to student projects as a fulfillment of one of Hannah Slydel’s, Co-President for Democracy and Education, campaign pledges. 6 meetings will Read More

We Need To Talk About Modi

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Sparsh Pandya, BA International Relations and South Asian Studies The past year and a half of Narendra Modi’s term as prime minister of India has marked a clear push towards neo-liberal economic policy and an attempt to establish India as a powerful global actor. Within the domestic sphere, welfare issues and communal tensions have only Read More

Occupation Settles into Brunei Suite

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Jordana Belaiche, BA Poltiics I am surrounded by the warm dim light of the Brunei Gallery. It looks exceedingly different to the polished corporate space that I remember, a space dedicated to showing off  SOAS’ wealth – generally used for events including symposiums, landmark anniversary exhibitions and various cultural events and discussions. The gallery is the Read More

Refugee Scholarships Vague but Hopeful

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Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish On the 25th September, SOAS announced that they would be providing 7 new scholarships for refugees at an undergraduate and postgraduate level in time for the next academic year. Two days prior to the announcement, The SOAS Spirit had published an article containing comments from Students’ Union Co-President Hannah Read More