Is Amman really that boring?

Ammanymous Once known as Philadelphia in Hellenistic times, Amman is the capital that was not supposed to be the capital of a country that was not supposed to be a country. Its history has always been shaped by wider events in the region, including the acceptance of waves of refugees during the Nakba and continuing to the […]

The reality behind the Kurdish peace process

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish “We will fire bullets on you if you throw stones at us”, police officers in Cizre were quoted saying to local children. Cizre, a town located on the Syrian-Turkish border, has experienced a haze of tear gas and live ammunition over the past few weeks as various groups fight […]

Credit: Himasha Weera

University bosses attack tuition fee cut proposal as “implausible”

SOAS Students took a stand for free education at a recent demonstration by creating a wall of books at the march • Credit – Himasha Weera Tom King, BA Politics University bosses have criticised plans likely to be set out by the Labour Party which would see tuition fees at English universities cut to £6,000. […]

Boko Haram terror rages on in Nigeria

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Though the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, which followed the abduction of about 300 schoolgirls from Chibok in Nigeria’s northeast, may have spread rapidly across social media and permeated television networks, sooner or later news of Boko Haram dropped off the radar. 219 of Chibok’s girls remain missing, and since then, the […]