Ex-Foreign Office official calls for pressure on Israel-Palestine solution

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish “I believe firmly in the two-state solution,” began Sir Vincent Fean, ex-Consul General to Jerusalem, although, he continued, it “is in very severe danger of disappearing before our eyes.” The London Middle East Institute holds talks every Tuesday evening that seem to attract people from all ranks, both within […]

The North East ‘Declares War’ on Bus Companies

Jonny Morrison, BA Chinese (Modern and Classical) The North East Combined Authority’s (NECA) attempts to gain control of bus routes in the region “represents a declaration of war … on the bus companies”, according to Sunderland Conservative opposition leader, Peter Wood. The NECA is the strategic authority formed last year by the councils of Durham, […]

Greeks strike blow to Eurozone austerity

Tom King, BA Politics  Syriza has topped the polls in Greece’s snap election to oust the conservative New Democracy government from power. The far left party have pledged to end “the humiliation of austerity” which was imposed as part of a Eurozone bailout agreement. The International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank deal has seen huge public […]

Attacks inflame Israel and the Occupied Territories

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Journalist and pro-Palestine activist Ben White spoke on the controversial topic of ‘Israeli Apartheid: From Gaza to the Galilee’ this month at SOAS. White, a prominent supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, led an impassioned defence of the Palestinian right to self-defence. In particular, the writer […]

SOAS goes to Calais to meet Syrian refugees

Marta Garcia Aliaga, LLB (Law) They are 80. And they are trapped behind the double wall of barbed wire that separates the French city of Calais and the English Channel. All forms of transport that could take them to the promised land that is meant to grant them asylum — Britain — are barred from […]

The Flavour of Japanese Bureaucracy

Theo Cohn, BA International Relations and Chinese The place I grew up in is a land with a famously unique culture where obscure, if not bizarre, traditions remain to this day. Japan’s conservative and proud reluctance to fully align many of its practices with the west, makes it difficult for occidentals to swallow. Nevertheless, its peculiarity […]