Ghoncheh Ghavami ‘sentenced to year in prison’

Photo: Anoo Bhuyan Tom King, BA Politics Former SOAS student Ghoncheh Ghavami has been sentenced to a year in prison in Iran after being found guilty of “propaganda against the state”, according to her lawyer. The verdict has not yet been officially released, but Alizadeh Tabatabaie, the lawyer representing Ghavami, says he has seen the text. […]

Ghavami verdict expected within a week

Tom King, BA Politics After 109 days in detention, former SOAS student Ghoncheh Ghavami appeared in court today facing charges of “propaganda against the state” after she attempted to attend a men’s volleyball match at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in June. Ghavami has spent more than 40 days in solitary confinement and a fortnight on hunger […]

Ghavami on hunger strike after more than 100 days detained

Tom King, BA Politics Former SOAS student Ghoncheh Ghavami has now been on hunger strike for over a week after being detained in Iran for more than 100 days. The SOAS alum was arrested in June after attempting to watch a men’s volleyball match. Ghavami was transferred to Tehran’s infamous Evin Prison, where she spent […]

Boycotts ‘costs Israel $8 billion’

Tom King, BA Politics Israel has incurred losses of up to $8 billion as a result of the campaign to boycott illegal settlements, according to Mustafa Barghouti, the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative movement.   The claim comes as the European Union issued demands for Israel to label poultry, dairy and meat products to […]

Scotland says No to Independence – but Yes to devolution

Marta Pancini, BA Development Studies and Politics The lead up to Scotland’s vote on independence on 18 September saw the rise of fears and hopes on a variety of issues, from more obvious ones such as EU membership of Britain and the potential currency of an independent Scotland to less predictable ones such as the future […]

Former student detained in Iran over women’s rights protest

Tom King, BA Politics  A former SOAS student has been arrested and detained in Iran after attending a protest against the country’s restrictions on women attending sporting events.   Ghoncheh Ghavami, who studied law at SOAS, was arrested outside the Azadi Stadium with more than a dozen other women when they attempted to watch a […]