Spotlight: Consent Workshops

By Youssra Elmagboul, BA Economics and Development When designing these workshops it was imperative that they were focused on sport, and the culture surrounding it, as many students have already taken part in a workshop during their respective freshers’ weeks. While the opening section of the workshops is largely still the same (covering the basics […]

Varsity returns to SOAS

By Sophie Bennett, BA Development Studies It’s that time of year again; the SOAS Warriors take on the Sea of Red, London Met. In a battle of over 20 games across 11 sports SOAS will showcase its best athletes in a bid to take this years title. Games will take place between the 26th and 28th February […]

Society Spotlight: SOAS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

By Zaki Sarraf, LLB Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling martial art that focuses on the control of an opponent and leading to a submission. The martial art combines different grappling systems, including Judo, Sambo, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, to create a complete system of taking an opponent to the ground and controlling them with […]

SOAS Women’s Football

SOAS Women’s Football team has kicked off this season with two wins, one draw and two unfortunate losses. Every game has been played with impeccable sportsmanship and team spirit, which makes any game a pleasure to watch and play – no matter the final score. This year the football team has acquired a new coach, […]

This Girl Can

  By Holly Sampson (BA Middle Eastern Studies and World Philosophies) ‘A kick right in the stereotypes’. ‘I can give mud mask a new meaning’. ‘Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox’. ‘My gameface has lipstick on it’. ‘Hot and not bothered’ These are just a few of the campaign slogans used by The National […]

Sports Officers’ interview

By Holly Sampson (BA Middle Eastern Studies and World Philosophies) This year sees the introduction of our new sports officers, Sophie and Danny. We sat down with them to discuss what sports has in store for this year… What are your aims and objectives? Sophie: In terms of planning our aims and objectives for the year, […]