Upcoming Fixtures

03/02 Hockey vs RSM 2pm PB @Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre 03/02 Women’s Football vs Greenwich 12pm @ Market Road 04/02 Netball 1s vs Royal Holloway 5:45pm @Highbury Fields 06/02 Netball 1s vs Goldsmiths 5:15pm @Highbury Fields 06/02 Rugby vs LSE 2pm @ Regent’s Park 10/02 Women’s Football vs RVC 12pm @ Market Road […]

Farewell Andy

By Ania Gricuk, BA Chinese and History In the life of every tennis enthusiast there comes a moment when you witness the beginning of the career of a burgeoning new player. It seems you have been with them all the way; from the start of their journey to stardom, through the ups and downs of […]

Inclusion not Initiation in SOAS Netball

By, Anna Jordan BA Development Studies and History & Holly Ogborne BA International Relations and Developmental Studies   Competition in sport can be fun but the competitive element should not extend beyond that into the social aspects of a club. No one should have to prove themselves through initiation rituals or feel excluded by social […]

What is BJJ?

Lucy Dunnet, BA Chinese (Modern and Classical)   When I tell new people that I am off to ‘BJJ training’, more often than not I receive a confused, slightly surprised look in response, and it is clear that a variety of curious and not so PG thoughts are whizzing through their brain. I then have […]