Dear Society – A short piece

Dear Society,

Recently, I am not so fond of you anymore. The older I get, the more I see your true face. You are such a cheat. Promising happiness and security, when all you do is oppress us. Here is my open letter to you, asking you to finally change your ways.

Stop labelling people according to criteria that you defined a long time ago, out of a fear of people reclaiming their freedom and all because you want to keep it simple?  Each one of us wants to decide for themselves who they want to be.

Furthermore, I ask you to stop putting pressure on people who choose to take a different path than the one you intended us to take, according to our age, religion, race or gender. This is really annoying and depressing. Why should we all be the same? Do you really believe that the majority is always right? Why should we do or not do something, just because of a certain age, gender, belief or skin colour? Don’t we have free will?

But every time I act according to my own ideals and do what I really like, when I am who I truly want to be, you mess it up by making me feel guilty or like an outcast, reminding me in all possible ways that I am it doing wrong and that I do not belong here. This has to stop immediately. We only have one life and cannot spend it serving you. Stop punishing the ones who are brave and walk new paths, because it is what they want and it is what they are capable of. Let us live to the fullest of our potential and stop being a nuisance. Face the fact that times have changed and that we will uproot your outdated ideals.





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