By Dogukan Atmaca, PhD Near and Middle East Research

Is the Piccadilly a line, from six to five?

Get on or get off…

Always, mind the gap!

When there is a delay,

Here is the mis-hap!

Just arrived at Heathrow

Home is still far away

Just reaching Oakwood now

Is the Piccadilly a line, from six to four?

It was a rainy Sunday when you met her

With the thousands of faces that you came across

Time to leave your seat now

Almost arrived at King’s Cross!

The day has ended,

Unlike the works in Holborn!

Still seventeen to go for Alperton!

London, is a cold flow

As it is, every tomorrow,

Lives are on the move

Every stop, every time…

Is the Piccadilly just a line,

From six to five?

Post Author: SOAS Spirit

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