Spotlight: Young Leaders Driving Change

Kusai Rahal, the founder of Young Leaders Driving Change (YLDC), is determined to inspire his generation to change their local communities.

Hailing from North West London, Kusai has a desire to improve his surrounding environment but he was discouraged by the impact austerity had on the ability of the youth to influence their local communities. As a response, in August 2017 Kusai founded YLDC, a youth-led organisation with the aim to motivate, empower, engage and inspire young people around the country to be the change that they want to see in their world. While the organisation originated in North West London it has now spread to other cities and universities, such as the University of Coventry. The organisation recently launched on the 5th February in the Houses of Parliament.

“We – the young people – need to be the drivers of social change in our worlds” says Kusai.

“I came to realise that we can’t rely on the government to bring about change. It has to come from the bottom up, the grassroots – it has to come from us.”

To help young activists change their environment, YLDC runs regular workshops in throughout London covering four main aspects: social entrepreneurialism, public speaking, social issues and personal development. YLDC also aims to create a realm of politics that moves beyond “me” and operates in the “we” and plant the social entrepreneurial seeds in today’s youth so they can be leaders for tomorrow.

YLDC is determined to empower youth activists through participation in workshops to develop the skills necessary to be the catalyst for change in their communities and be an inspiration for disengaged youths in an era marked by austerity and apathy.

YLDC has a plethora of opportunities to get involved, such as presenting, blogging, creative projects and volunteering.

To get involved contact the team at:

@_YLDC_ (Instagram and Twitter)

Young Leaders Driving Change – YLDC (Facebook).

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