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Manifestos Made Easy: Know what you’re voting for, not just who.

By Heba Kusseibati, BA History and International Relations

The Conservative Party

 On Brexit: It will be done by January. The deal will pass through Parliament if there is a majority of Conservative MPs in the House of Commons.

 On Immigration Control: The introduction of a new ‘Australian-style’ points-based system, involving selecting migrants based on their level of education, language proficiency, and work experience.

 On Healthcare: £33.9billion more for the NHS, with a promise of 50,000 more nurses and 50 million more GP appointments each year. Five new medical schools will be opened, and 40 new hospitals built.

 On Schools & Education: School funding will increase by £14billion, with a promise to focus on underfunded areas. Teachers’ salaries will increase to £30,000 p/a.

On the Environment: A goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through investment in clean energy.

On the Economy: Post-Brexit free-trade deals will be struck all around the world. Businesses will be taxed less.

The Labour Party

 On Brexit: A promise to reach a deal with the EU within three months, and to give the public the chance to vote either in support of the deal or remaining. The deal will ensure jobs, the economy, and security are all protected. There will not be a no-deal Brexit.

  On Foreign Policy: The introduction of a War Powers Act to prevent any future Prime Minister from implementing military action overseas. £400million will be invested in the UK’s diplomatic capacity. An audit of the impact of Britain’s colonial legacy will be conducted. Reforms of arms-sales to be implemented to ensure weapons made in the UK are not used to target innocent civilians. The immediate suspension of arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

 On Healthcare: The ending of NHS privatisation, with an increase in expenditure by 4.3% every year. Hospital parking for patients, visitors, and doctors will be free. £1.6billion a year will be invested in mental health services.

 On Schools & Education: KS1&2 SATs will be scrapped, with more focus to be put on pupil progression. All primary school children will be provided with free school meals. Tax loopholes in private schools will be closed. University tuition fees will be abolished.   

On the Environment: Goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions within the 2030s by ensuring 90% of electricity and 50% of heat comes from renewable and low-carbon sources. 9000 wind turbines will be built, enough solar panels will be built across the country to cover around 157,000,000 square metres. New laws on corporations and investment will be implemented to ensure they cause less harm to the environment.

Liberal Democrats

 On Brexit: Article 50 will be revoked. The UK will remain in the EU. Brexit will not happen.

 On Foreign Policy: Suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia and controlling future sales to countries with poor human rights records. International Organisations such as the UN and NATO will be supported, and nationalism and isolationism will not be tolerated. Increased investment in cybersecurity to tackle the rising threat of cyberwarfare.

On Healthcare: £0.01 extra in tax to raise money to spend on the NHS and social care.

On Schools & Education: An extra £1billion will be invested in further education. A ‘Young People’s Premium’ will be introduced to help children between the ages of 16-18 from economically disadvantaged families stay in education. Teachers’ salaries will increase to £30,000 p/a.

On the Environment: A goal to generate 80% of electricity from renewable energy sources. All low-income households must be insulated, and all cars must run on electricity by 2030. 60 million trees to be planted per year.

On the Economy: £130billion will be invested in infrastructure. Corporation tax will be restored to 20%. Adapting and changing employment rights to ensure they apply to the modern ‘gig economy’.

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