SOAS SU Election Nominations

The following people have been nominated for the corresponding SU positions:

Co-President Activities & Events
Amar Shabandar
Marco Vita
Zain Dada

Co-President Democracy & Education
Hannah Slydel
Tareq Sydiq
Olimpia Burchiellaro
Saqib Ali Rafiq
Shadia Edwards-Dashti
Grace Mason
Ahrar Abbasi

Co-President Welfare & Campaigns
Tom King
Agnes Adebisi Olowogboye

Academic Affairs Officer
Matija Vlatkovic

Anti-Racism Officer
Osamah Aiar
Ali Allibhai

Black Officer
Alaa Ahmed
Halimo Hussain

Campaigns Officer
Jovian Salak & Dimitri Cautain

Entertainments Officer
Adwoa Darko & Will Paintin
Anahita Shamsaei

Environmental Officer
Hannah Short & Isobel Annan

International Officer
Juhi Verma

LGBTQ Officer
Emily Walker
Imrane Lawrence Trocme

Mature Students Officer
Monique Bell

Postgraduate Research Officer
Mohamed Taha
Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Sports Officer
Elizabeth Wright

Working Class Students Officer
Monna Matharu & Saul Jones

Manifestos will be displayed in the entrance to the Students’ Union and can be viewed online here:

Hustings will be at 5pm in the JCR Thursday 26th February and voting will open on Monday 3rd March – 6th March.

The following posts received no nominations:
Accomodation Officer
Womens Officer
Disabled Students and Carers Officer

These will be re-opened until 5pm Monday 23rd February. To nominate yourself for a role, please send an e-mail with the role in the subject line, and your manifesto attached to Amy Dawson: [email protected] by 5pm Monday 23rd February.

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