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SOAS Women’s Football team has kicked off this season with two wins, one draw and two unfortunate losses. Every game has been played with impeccable sportsmanship and team spirit, which makes any game a pleasure to watch and play – no matter the final score. This year the football team has acquired a new coach, Mani. Mani’s dedication, immense effort and undying faith in each and every member of the team makes his coaching unique and incredibly special to the girls. With such a hardworking and dedicated team, as well as a supportive coach, it is no surprise that the SOAS Women’s Football team have had such an amazing start to the season. However, it is not just this that makes the team so special. Vicky, Captain of SOAS Women’s Football, emphasises that it’s the fierce women that make up the team that truly make it incredible: “We’re a strong, motivated and enthusiastic group who play with a love for the game and each other, which surpasses any win or loss”. The pride that the team have for themselves and the game truly demonstrates their professionalism and demands the respect that they genuinely deserve.

However, it’s not just what happens on the pitch that makes this group of women so special. Off the pitch the team often enjoy a post-match pizza date and regularly meet up. They’ve hosted many of the Sport’s Nights so far with great success and place great value on cultivating the relationships that they have with one another. The friendship between this group of women can be seen as clearly on the pitch as off with jokes flying back and forth, hugs and, most importantly, a feeling of unbridled support. This incredible team perhaps owes much of this sense of friendship, respect and support to their captain, Vicky. A firecracker on the pitch, Vicky attacks each game with professionalism and pride that inspires the team to do the same. Never underestimating her team, she leads them from success to success, on the pitch and off, all whilst demonstrating her strength and genuine care for every team member. She makes them all feel valued and helps to bring out the best in what is already a fabulous bunch of women.

In the near future SOAS Women’s Football team take on King’s GKT on Sunday 3rd December at home as they progress in the LUSL Cup. You will also see them battle it out with LSE 2nd team before the Christmas Break. Further along in the year you can look forward to Women’s Football representing SOAS in the much anticipated Varsity match against London Met. If you are interested in joining Women’s Football it is not too late – feel free to come along on Wednesday 2-4pm!

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