May Is Not Your Dancing Queen

The world may cringe all it wants, but Theresa May won’t stop dancing. Thousands of articles and memes have come out against the Prime Minister’s dance moves, and yet it hasn’t stopped her from breaking a leg. The question is why? Could it be that she really thinks she is good at it? After all […]

Chequers is a Brexit Betrayal, but it’s not too Late for Theresa May to get it Right!

The opinions expressed in this piece are solely the author’s and do not reflect the views/opinions of any other member of the SOAS Spirit Team, or SOAS in general. The worst possible Brexit deal is Chequers, a plan set on making the United Kingdom forever subservient to the European Union. Theresa May’s July 2018 Chequers Proposal […]

News Made Easy: Brexit

The Story So Far 23 January 2013 – Former Prime Minister David Cameron expresses his support for an in/out referendum regarding the UK’s EU membership. 7 May 2015 – Cameron wins the general election with a manifesto promise to hold a referendum. 23 June 2016 – Referendum day. 51.9% vote leave and 48.1% vote remain. […]