A Century of Vogue in Review

1 year ago SOAS Spirit 0
Kay Lee, LLB Law On a sunny day in February, I entered a room laying out the timeline of Vogue and its defining issues from every era since its creation. Each period had its own section, demonstrating the shift in creative journalism, photography and overall vision. Art has always been a form of escapism in times of Read More

Cleaners’ Struggle Makes Screen Transition

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 3
Micheil Page, BA Development Studies and Geography Of all the campaigns at SOAS, the Justice for Cleaners campaign is one of the most dedicated and well-known. Many of us at SOAS possibly cannot remember a day where we haven’t seen a poster for the campaign around the Student’s Union, or someone wearing a badge in support of it. Read More

Mademoiselle Privé at the Saatchi Gallery

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Kay Lee, LLB Law Rooms come alive with the story of Gabrielle, as her devout readers find themselves in a story set in a Saatchi Gallery-esque Chanel flagship store, trying to glide as effortlessly as Coco would’ve done past the impeccable white walls with black piping and across wood and marble floors. Her story features gardens, both inside Read More

Ai Wei Wei at The Royal Academy of Art

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Kajol Lally, BA History and Social Anthropology Ai Weiwei’s first major UK exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art is a thought provoking and intense display of the difficulty faced by many artists. Weiwei deals with challenging themes reflecting human rights, freedom of self-expression and a generation’s political struggle against the Chinese government. The show Read More

Bertha Doc House Screens Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Ella Linskens, BA Arabic This was my first time in the Bertha Doc House since the Curzon Bloomsbury opened in the Brunswick. If you’ve been to any Curzon around London, you’ll recognize the stylish interior and the combined bar and ticket desk. What is unique about this Curzon is that it is home to the Read More

Review: Arifa performs at London Jazz Festival

3 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Photo: Razvan Danaila Daniel Avis As Arifa took to the stage at the Purcell Room in London, there was an inescapable sense of anticipation among the audience. This was the band’s first foray into London, and it came on November  18th, as part of this year’s London Jazz Festival. After two internationally-acclaimed albums, and a strong Read More