The Course Cuts: From A Lecturer’s Perspective

Luke Lowsley-Williams pitched an article to The SOAS Spirit: a news piece consisting of interviews with lecturers opposing course cuts. His submission ended up being more reportage than news: the story of his journey of changing perspectives, influenced by lecturers affected by the proposed cuts. Luke Lowsley-Williams, BA Social Anthropology  It all started with the […]

Struggle to End Outsourcing Makes Crucial Win

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish The story of the Justice for Cleaners campaign at SOAS is one of broken promises and continued resistance. Running for 9 years, the campaign has sought workers’ rights for the cleaners of SOAS, who have been outsourced to a succession of different companies since the early 1990’s.   Since […]

Education Beyond Borders: The Current Situation

Felicia Altena, BA International Relations and Development Studies In September SOAS decided to establish 7 refugee scholarships as a response to the refugee/migration in crisis in Europe, and in part due to the actions of other UK universities. Yet now several months later, the details of these scholarships are still yet to be finalized and […]

Students’ Union Wins Compulsory Consent Workshops Budget

Ella Linskens, BA Arabic On the 19th of November management agreed to fund compulsory consent workshops for all incoming students. ‘I Heart Consent’ Campaigns were first introduced by Susuana Antubam, the ULU Women’s Officer at the time, and current NUS Women’s Officer, and SOAS was one of the universities to pilot the workshops. Hannah Slydel, […]

UCL Union Reverses Ban on Ex-Student Talking About His Experiences Fighting ISIS

Jack Irwin, BA Chinese and History UCLU has decided to allow Macer Gifford, a former UCL student, a platform to talk about his experiences fighting ISIS as part of Kurdish group Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG). Gifford, 28, who was previously a city currency trader, joined YPG after telling his parents that he was going on holiday in […]