year abroad

The Constant Fear of Shitting Yourself

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Caitlin Clark, BA African Language and Culture I’ve had my first experience of the Kenyan health system thanks to a handy bacterial infection which I picked up from some sort of contaminated food. It started pretty much about an hour after we ate in our usual trustworthy restaurant while we were sat in an international Read More

Murder, ISIS, and Sheep

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Miriam Hickley, BA Arabic and Persian My second week in Fez managed to exceed all the wonder, fear and horror of my first week. What could possibly be worse than having your head plunged between an old woman’s breasts? Well, just you wait and see. However, again I’d like to focus on the educational element Read More

Is Amman really that boring?

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Ammanymous Once known as Philadelphia in Hellenistic times, Amman is the capital that was not supposed to be the capital of a country that was not supposed to be a country. Its history has always been shaped by wider events in the region, including the acceptance of waves of refugees during the Nakba and continuing to the Read More

Mysticism, Pity and Boobs

2 years ago SOAS Spirit 0
Miriam Hicklin, BA Arabic and Persian My first few days in Fez have been part of a mystical journey. For a while now I’ve grown used to getting what I want when I want it. But here, the world has been telling me to take a break and think about what really matters. We can’t Read More

How not to suck during a year abroad

3 years ago Tom King 0
Lily David, BA Arabic and Politics Moving abroad is a big deal. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that it isn’t. It’s exhausting, exciting, and at times, bewildering. Around this time last year, approximately thirty SOAS students headed off to Amman, Jordan on their year abroad. I was one of them. It was a daunting Read More