Protests in Brazil against 30% Cuts in Universities Budget

Gabriel Huland, PhD Media Studies  At the end of April, the Brazilian government announced it would freeze 30% of the 2019 national universities budget as part of an austerity plan to reduce public spending. The cuts totalise BRL2 billion (U$500 million) and will affect discretionary spending in all 63 federal universities in the country. The […]

Why this House is United

Dhruv Ramnath, MA Social Anthropology One of the principle behaviours animating the House of Commons, in which exists the incessant use of sophisticated language intertwined with that wondrous British upper-class humour, is the absolute negation of bellicose promulgations. As spin machines outside the Commons controlled by both leftist and rightist media outlets pronounce on matters […]

MERS-BODJAR: An empowerment project run developed by women of Guinea-Bissau

By Ana Dju, MSc African Politics Mers-Bodjar, a rural project in Guinea-Bissau has empowered women of the Biombo region by providing economic security, which is the most effective way women of the region can experience personal-autonomy. Although Bissau-Guinean laws do not explicitly exclude women, they do nothing to disrupt the structural violence perpetuated by gendered […]

New Experiences – Teaching English in China

By Eleanor Hutson, 3rd Year Chinese (modern language and classical literature) Teaching English in a foreign country was not something I had given much thought to until last summer when I was scouring for new job experiences and internships. So what made me decide on an internship teaching English in China? Applying to “Teach English […]