“Me Me Me Millennials”: We Need You (because we’re terrified of becoming irrelevant)

Monika Radojevic, MSc Development Studies In the recent misjudged advertising campaign by the British Army, ‘snowflakes’, ‘selfie addicts’ and ‘binge gamers’ have been targeted for recruitment, with the ‘politically correct’ adverts focusing on the positive side of being a selfie addict (confidence) or a snowflake (compassion). This follows a trend of the military institution targeting […]

86% say yes to a student-run ULU

By Phillipa Wilkinson

The results of the referendum on the future of ULU, released this week, show overwhelming support among students for a democratic union. Out of 4545 voters, 86% voted yes to the question, “Should ULU’s building, activities and campaigns continue to be run democratically by students?” with 12% voting no and 2% abstaining. SOAS students were even more positive; out of 394 voters, 97% voted yes. Read more about 86% say yes to a student-run ULU

Rolling Back the War on Drugs

Harry Wise, BA Politics Let me start with a confession: I’ve taken drugs. “Ooh! How could you?” scream the anti-drugs czars! “Do you know the harm you are doing to your body? You could go crazy.” Interestingly, British police forces are starting to care a lot less about my drug habits. A recent FOI request […]

‘Unethical Conduct’ in Alphawood Programme Continues

Mel Plant, BA Arabic and Turkish Following allegations of unethical conduct made in February, a Freedom of Information request submitted by the SOAS Students’ Union and Dr. Angela Chiu has revealed that the allocation of Alphawood Foundation funds has continued in a secretive manner, jeopardising the academic careers of several students. In February, The SOAS […]