Managing Academic Expectations as a First-Year Student: CSL Can Make it Work!

By Tabea Leiss, BA International Relations and Development Studies Are you struggling with the academic expectations and demands in your first year at university? You are not alone! The SOAS Collaborative Student Learning (CSL) project can help you manage the work.  Collaborative Student Learning is aimed at giving first-year students the opportunity to improve their […]

Ever wondered where to start? Blog Writing 101 and the SOAS History Blog

By Haritha Balasubramaniyan, BA Global Liberal Arts What do menopausal matriarchs in West Africa, clay tablets in nineteenth century Baghdad and Sudanese music have in common?  Of course they have all been topics of articles in the SOAS History Blog!  ‘… the SOAS History Blog has been creating new ways for resident history enthusiasts to […]


By Arifah Chowdhury, BA Politics and International Relation SOAS Bangla Society’s objective is to embrace, empower and educate the Bengali culture within the larger SOAS community. This is a space for both Bengalis and non-Bengalis to be able to explore and interact with the rich culture that Bangladesh and its people have to offer. Whether […]