EURO 2024 awarded to Germany

Yet again, Turkey misses out on the chance to host Euros. Last week UEFA announced that Germany will host the European Football Championship of 2024. The votes were 12-4 in favour of Germany and at the cost of Turkey. This continued Turkey’s string of bad luck, as the country has never organized a large football […]

The Erasure of Black History at SOAS

This is an open letter to all students at my university. To start off Black History Month,  I want to address the failures surrounding Black History in an institutional setting. SOAS has an excellent track record of omitting central points of its history, a history which has paved the way for the campaigns we advocate […]

Chagos Islands: The Battle for Sovereignty ensues

For over half a century, the United Kingdom and Mauritius have heatedly debated the sovereignty of the Chagos Islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, about 500 kilometres south of Maldives, the Islands have been subject to severe encroachments on their sovereignty since 1965, when the UK and Mauritius made a provisional agreement confirming the detachment […]

Poetry is Peng – November

Day Break I will remember A comic introduction to the contents of my refrigerator Talk of a watermelon shaped like a cube An invitation to a spontaneous date, in Chinatown! how fitting! – to a den named Opium, and us, snacking on dimsum nearing midnight. The bright blue of your cashmere jumper peeked from above […]

When I saw Luke McManus’ piece, Does the Political Correctness of Students’ Unions Undermine their Decisions? in the online edition of the SOAS Spirit, I almost stopped reading there and then. The juxtaposition of an attack on the ‘Political Correctness’ of unions with a picture of the train tracks at Auschwitz was so outrageous that […]