India Sends Aid to Distraught Afghanistan: A New Plan to Deal with the Taliban?

‘This is a humanitarian gesture which will help India regain some respect among the wider Afghan population. But it is also a sign of India coming to terms with the reality of the Taliban in Kabul, and such supplies – which require coordination with the Taliban officials – will help New Delhi to measure the political and security temperature in Afghanistan.’

Film Review: Facing the Dragon – The Women Behind the Resistance

Hana Qureshi, BA World Philosophies  ‘Facing the Dragon’ is a documentary film – directed, filmed and produced by Sedika Mojadidi – which follows the stories of two women, Nilofar Ibrahami and Shakila Ebrhaimkhel. Their journeys face no shortage of obstacles as they grapple with the hardships of war, their family’s security and being advocates of […]