Can #MeToo Really Make a Difference for Women in India?

Bella Saltiel, MA Middle Eastern Studies India’s #MeToo movement has been gathering momentum. The hashtag has been used to call on perpetrators to account for their sexual misconduct and has primarily been focused on the CEOs of English Language media outlets. Many powerful men have already been asked to resign including the Minister for External […]

Gujarat, 2002: The Semantic Limitations of the Word ‘Riot’

Atika Dawood, BA Arabic and Linguistics Trigger Warning: (Sexual) violence against women and children The spectre of the 2002 Gujarat Riots has re-emerged following the landslide victory of Narendra Modi early last year. The ‘riots’ began when 59 Hindu pilgrims died after a train carrying them was set on fire. Following the false accusation of […]

We Need To Talk About Modi

Sparsh Pandya, BA International Relations and South Asian Studies The past year and a half of Narendra Modi’s term as prime minister of India has marked a clear push towards neo-liberal economic policy and an attempt to establish India as a powerful global actor. Within the domestic sphere, welfare issues and communal tensions have only […]