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Altruistic Tunes: AMAR International’s Music Fundraiser

  • London

Lucy Warden, MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies

On the 29th of October most of you will be deeply ensconced in the costume making leading up to Halloween. Others will be clinging on to the remainder of their sleep and sanity waiting for the imminent relief of reading week. Perhaps even a few of you will be celebrating Cambodia’s coronation day, or commemorating the proclamation of the republic in Turkey for its 92nd anniversary. I do, however, present an alternative proposition.

This coming October 29th is also the date of AMAR International’s music fundraiser in Shoreditch, in aid of Iraqi refugees. If any of you are as cynical as I indeed hope you are, I would assume no less than you turning your noses up at a charity organised music fundraiser. ‘They spend all their donations on even more fundraising’ I hear you say, or ‘the money never gets to those who need it anyway’. Au contraire readers; that may be true of a number of charities, more than anyone should be proud of, but AMAR International is different.

Firstly, only 3p of every pound ever get’s spent on fundraising. That 3% is an astonishingly good achievement, considering that Oxfam claim to be proud of triple that figure. AMAR also employ local teachers and health and aid workers within communities worst affected by the conflict and civil disorder that wreaks havoc on Iraq at the moment; no money you give is going to end up sitting in a government official’s pocket.

Considering the current crisis in Iraq, I can think of none better to help those refugees than AMAR. They’re not a fad; a guilt ridden apology charity set up post 2003. AMAR International has been running for over 22 years, and their 12 office workers in London do wonders for so many people who are in desperate need for help.

So mosey on down to Shoreditch on Wednesday 29th October, to hear some great music, drink some beer, and give this little known charity the funds it needs to give others the aid and education so many here at SOAS take for granted.AMAR Music Fundraiser - Flyer

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