Lockyer’s History: #QuestionsInTheAtrium

Why do you think you were asked to speak for #QuestionsInTheAtrium? Because I have the shtick…Many of our students come through the English system – you learn a lot about Henry VIII, or Hitler. The first time I taught Global History was in 1999; it was then that all the history I’d taken in started […]

Humans of SOAS

How long have you been giving out food for? I’ve been doing this for like fifteen years. What made you start doing it? We try to present healthy food and it’s also helping the students and the people. We usually feed a thousand people every day, from the universities and homeless people. How did you […]

My First Time

By V. A. DOUGLAS Amongst the heaving crowd of pulsating blue and searchlight red, I was there. I was a woolen jumper in a sea of cotton singlets, a head of blonde hair amongst baseball caps. My eyes scanned the vastness of the place, its bare torsos and clambering limbs, the smell of sweat and […]

A Bad Romance: Trump & Kim’s Nuclear Flirtation

By Austyn Close (BA History and International Relations) The Trump vs. Kim scenario is a constantly unfolding war of words between the two leaders. In recent weeks, we have heard exchanges that have ruffled the feathers of the two strong-minded and aggressive figureheads. One-liner tag lines have been regurgitated through media platforms and superficially facilitated […]

Society Spotlight: Self-Empowerment Society

Who: Hi! We are Hayah (President), Fatima (PR Director) and Michael (Events Director) What: The Self-Empowerment Society is new to SOAS and we’re here to help you with your personal development- and to build your confidence in the long term. Where: A round table discussion on a student chosen topic. When: 16th November, 5-6pm, Location […]


By: the devil on your shoulder I’m the little voice in your head. You see me every day; I’m invisible, but I’m probably wearing a beige trench coat and dark glasses. Perched on your shoulder. Sat on that one empty chair in your tutorial. With a pad of paper and a pen. Thoughtful and silent […]