Poetry is Peng – January

The Price. Up in the charging summer air, Down where the sunlight was drumming, They jumped into pure crystal lakes; They take to it, leaping and running. And I stood above, holding the sky, And said that’s the reason I couldn’t, Follow them into lake that’s so pure, That’s why I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t. By […]


By Ahmad Jamal Wattoo, BA Economics and Politics Pride, one of the seven deadly sins, was found in abundance in one particular man. He was reclining comfortably in the back seat of a black Range Rover, a rare sight in a village as destitute as Faridpur. His enormous belly bounced as the car sped past cigarettes […]

Do you own your own body?

By Hasan Almusawi, LLB Law The question of whether we are truly the proprietors of our bodies has been a surprisingly obscure one. While it is easy to assume that we obviously own our own bodies because we carry them throughout the entirety of our lives, the law surrounding the issue has not been so […]

Society Spotlight: SOAS World Music Choir

Who: SOAS WORLD MUSIC CHOIR What: We are a small, friendly group who sing songs from all over the world, such as Spain, Kenya, Ghana, Wales, England, Russia, Bulgaria and more. It is a completely relaxed atmosphere and there are no auditions. We are always willing to learn requested songs and usually sing acapella or […]

Black Flags in Iraq: Arba’een – one of the largest peaceful gatherings in history

This November again witnessed, one of the largest peaceful gatherings in human history take place in Southern Iraq. An estimated 20 million-plus people travelled to the region in the space of two weeks to observe the day of Arba’een, commemorating the brutal killing of a seventh century Arabian nobleman. Millions flock to the region to […]

Humans of SOAS: Rani Perinparaja

Tell us about yourself. My given name is Mano-Rani il-ankkaren. It means Great Queen of Lanka. The stall is to raise money for Sri Lankan refugees. As a South Asian I’m one of every three people on the planet; I don’t feel like a minority. But at SOAS, even the nice people say, “I want […]