15 Questions With Director Amos

Interviewed by Khadija Kothia Baroness Valerie Amos has been the Director of SOAS since 2015. The questions below are a compilation of student submissions, issues relating to current campus discussions, and personal questions about the director herself.  1. How will the financial situation affect current students? It won’t. We have a short-term cash issue and a longer-term problem with the […]

Horoscopes as Broken Things in SOAS

Capricorn – Main building lifts Aquarius – Water fountains Pisces – Library toilets Aries – Hope in our government to work past their capitalist agenda Taurus – Computers with no mouse Gemini – eduroam Cancer – Everything except the new carpets in Brunei Gallery Leo – Broken hearts on floor B 🙁 Virgo – Desks […]

My Month as a Vegan

Abida Tasnim, BA Economics Photo Credit: Abida Tasnim Why go vegan in the first place? Animals, just like humans, feel pain. What’s to say they do not share other neurological processes with us? For this reason, vegans believe in preventing the exploitation of animal rights for the benefit of humans. It has been found that […]

Will Mental Health Services Ever Keep Up with the Ever-Increasing Pressures on Young People?

Agony Aunt Column Capitalism, centred around the need to keep growing and selling, means that feelings of failure add to the existing pressures of job uncertainty and financial instability. “Keeping up with the Jones’”, a phrase used to describe the ongoing pressure to own more, better and more expensive products. However, in this case, “Keeping […]