Writer: A friend you don’t know you have I need to get something off my chest. Phew. Here we go. Wow. This really is harder than it seems. All right. You may or may not (hopeful emphasis on the may not) have heard of Ayn Rand, and what she’s written. She’s widely regarded as immensely […]

Parting thoughts

Anonymous Born the eldest grandchild in the family, I was showered with love and praise my whole childhood. That, among other things, eventually shaped me into a man who constantly craved the validation of others. Facebook and Instagram likes only made things worse. Fast-forward several years and I now find myself in my third year […]

Lonely Spirits

To the sprightly Spirit Editor, Seeing you on Floor B brightens my day – you’re the warmest spirit in the Spirit! Anon   My Favourite Hobbit, Your external nonchalance sends a breeze of fresh air through my whole existence whenever I pass you in the corridor. From M.   To a special reader of War […]

Poetry is Peng – March

Silence He took his time, he waited years That night, they put the kids to bed And he watched her gentle eyes reflecting dying fire embers And when the embers were almost out, he said, “Sweetie, I have a secret. A secret I’ve never told a soul.” And her eyes were fearful, curious. He contorted […]