Turkey’s war on Rojava: war crimes and purported ethnic cleansing

By Tallulah Rose Taylor, BA Social Anthropology and South Asian Studies Turkey’s military invasion of North Eastern Syria, also known as Rojava, has recently intensified with reports of war crimes committed with such intentionality that they have been deemed as acts of ethnic cleansing.  On 9 November, Turkey began a military offensive along the Syrian/Turkish […]

Israel’s assassination of Islamic Jihadi leader escalates violence against Palestinian resistance

By Claire Dujardin, MSc International Politics Beginning on 12 November, rockets were fired between Israel and the Gaza strip. A ceasefire was declared on 14 November but has not been followed. 34 Palestinians have been killed, including children.  This attack took place after the commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Baha Abu al-Ata, and […]

Life struggles as Zimbabwe’s drought worsens

By Josh Mock, BA Arabic and Persian Life in Zimbabwe is failing to flourish amidst the country’s worst drought in years. Hundreds of animals have died while the World Food Programme believes at least 2 million people have been affected by the drought.  According to Tinashe Farawo, Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s spokesman, […]

Protests strike Bolivia as President, Evo Morales, forced to step down

By Frances Howe – Law LLB Waves of protests in La Paz, Bolivia have turned violent this month following the resignation of Evo Morales on 10 November. Evo Morales is Bolivia’s longest-serving and first Indigenous President. Morales resigned after accusations of tampering in the 2019 Bolivian General Election, where his majority win saw the start […]

US aid stipulated on religious freedom

By Assia Hamdi (Arabic and History) Efforts have been underway to link the US Government’s foreign aid expenditure with interests related to religious freedom. The second half of 2019 has seen the development of these agendas coalesce in various ways.  From 16 -18 July, Secretary Mike Pompeo attended the 2nd Annual Religious Freedom Ministerial in […]

China’s fierce policy against Uighurs in Xinjiang

By Chung Man Leung, MSc International Politics China’s policies in Xinjiang targeting the Uighurs have become significantly more ruthless. Since 2017, according to reports by various media sources, Chinese authorities have been systematically targeting Uighur Muslims and detaining them in ‘re-education camps’. Reports suggest that the Uighurs are being forced to denounce Islam and show […]