Protests in Brazil against 30% Cuts in Universities Budget

Gabriel Huland, PhD Media Studies  At the end of April, the Brazilian government announced it would freeze 30% of the 2019 national universities budget as part of an austerity plan to reduce public spending. The cuts totalise BRL2 billion (U$500 million) and will affect discretionary spending in all 63 federal universities in the country. The […]

Trials Start Against Guatemalan Officials Accused of Responsibility for Death of 40 Children

Zahra Banday, BA English TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and violence. In February of 2017 around one hundred children tried to escape Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción, a state-run orphanage in Guatemala, but officials soon found them, rounded them up and took them back to the shelter. They proceeded […]

Vatican Reveals Code for Priests Who Father Children

Zahra Banday, BA English TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses rape and child abuse. It has recently come to light that the Vatican has a secret internal code for dealing with priests who break celibacy vows and father children. Vatican spokesperson Alessandro Gisotti talked with The New York Times saying, “I can confirm that these guidelines […]

ISIS Supporter Shamima Begum Stripped of UK Citizenship

Caroline Hilgers, BA International Relations and Social Anthropology The last few weeks have stirred up big questions regarding nationality and citizenship in the UK, as the case of 19-year-old Shamima Begum has become national news. Shamima Begum was first reported on in 2015 when she left the UK with two other girls from London to […]

The Unfolding Crisis in Venezuela – Making Sense of an Information War

In an attempt to shed light upon the recent events and the current geopolitical situation in Venezuela, we will provide a basic chronology and will suggest some key questions to ask ourselves which the majority of mainstream news fails to answer. The mainstream media takes a narrow-angle and one-sided perspective, narrating an oversimplified story in […]

“Freedom… Peace… Justice…” – Sudan’s Ongoing Revolution

Hala M.E. Abushama, MSc Development Economics On 19 December 2018, peaceful demonstrations broke out through the streets of Atbara, in the Republic of Sudan. Bread prices tripled in Atbara overnight, after months of struggle with long queues to purchase bread and petrol as well as to obtain cash. This spark ignited a fire within Sudanese […]